Garland RACES Appointees Expectation and Requirements

Expectations of Garland RACES Appointees

Garland RACES Appointees are expected to report for duty during any unscheduled call-up by the City of Garland, Office of Emergency Management or Fire/Police Warning Officer. During a disaster, personnel are expected first to ensure the well being of their families before reporting for duty.

Garland RACES Appointees should not belong to another RACES organization in order to avoid conflicts during disaster call-ups. Appointees must give 100-percent priority to GRACES for all emergencies and disasters.

Garland RACES Appointees are expected to adhere to all FCC Rules and Regulations, and to conduct themselves in a manner befitting public-safety communicators. They shall take pride in using excellent operating procedures at all times, whether or not during a RACES drill or event.

Garland RACES Appointees are expected to maintain their radio equipment in excellent operating condition, and to know basic functions of their equipment. GRACES Appointees are also expected to maintain their go kits to be ready for virtually any type of activation. Furthermore, GRACES Appointees are expected to present a professional public-safety appearance whenever on duty.

To retain appointment, Garland RACES Appointees are expected to meet the basic requirements as well as the yearly renewal requirements detailed below. Appointees are also expected to learn from other personnel, to train other personnel, and seek pertinent training in topics related to emergency communications. Garland RACES Appointees should maintain an interest in and aptitude for handling emergency communications.

It is understood and agreed that acceptance of a Garland RACES appointment requires that Garland RACES emergency operations shall take precedence over other amateur emergency communications groups or activities.

Basic Requirements

  1. Demonstrate a willingness to prepare for and participate in emergency communications events.
  2. Willing to equip one's self with knowledge, skills, and equipment to meet basic mission requirements.
  3. Possess a valid Amateur Radio Operator License for 2 meter operation.
  4. Own a 2-meter FM transceiver appropriate for RACES operation.(upgrade to CRF-S)
  5. Live in or within 10 minutes of Garland, or work full-time in Garland.
  6. Be approved by the City of Garland Office of Emergency Management. (Includes a background check)
Garland Annual Renewal Requirements
  1. Continue to meet Basic requirements.

  2. During the preceding year:

    • Participate in a minimum of 14 Garland RACES training nets during each calendar year with a minimum of 6 in each half of the year.

  3. Participate as a communicator as follows:

    • A minimum of three consecutive hours in at least one approved public service event*, simulated emergency net or drill under controlled net conditions or an emergency net other than a SkyWarn Net;

    • Approval of credit for public service events must be granted by the Garland RACES Radio Officer or Assistant Radio Officer for Training.

Additional Special Requirements

From time to time the Office of Emergency Management may specify special topics for training to maintain appointment. Current additional requirements are;

  • FEMA NIMS courses IS-100, IS-200, IS-700, and IS-800 (These are on line Internet courses offered cost free by FEMA)

  • New appointees must complete IS-100 within their first 3 months, IS-700 and IS-200 within 9 months. IS-800 although not required at this time is highly recommended.

Garland RACES Skywarn Net Participation Requirements

  1. Attend National Weather Service certified Skywarn training within the last 24 months.
  2. Possess/obtain a copy of the Dallas Area RACES "Cloud Cowboy Reference Manual."
  3. Have equipment that meets minimum requirements for Skywarn Nets as listed below:

    • 2-meter FM radio (25 Watt minimum output to antenna).
    • External mobile or base antenna.

  • It is strongly recommended that new appointees monitor a minimum of 3 RACES training nets and monitor one SkyWarn net prior to making a SkyWarn net report.


    If an appointee does not actively participate in the Garland RACES program or whose conduct does not reflect positively upon Garland RACES, their appointment will be vacated and he/she will be removed from the program for cause. The Emergency Manager or designate, Radio Officer, or Administrative ARO as applicable will provide documentation detailing the lack of participation or negative conduct.

    Revised - 12/15/2004 - 12/10/2011 - 01/01/2012